Museum des 20.Jhd Museum des 20.Jhd Museum des 20.Jhd

Competition Museum of the 20th century

Design principles

In order to improve the existing construction in its spatial structure and appearance, the required expansion sites are arranged to be parts of the basement.  Through the tectonics of the site it is possible to expose this area.
This attractive park-oriented zone opens to its own entrance including the opening of the administrative and personnel departments. The library with two atriums and the reading room, the restoration workshops, as well as the neighboring ranges are also exposed.  The basement directly connects with the exhibition and event space.

All public areas on the existing main entrance on Arsenalstraße are exposed.  These areas are connected directly to the central entrance hall cloakroom, museum shop and the cafe-restaurant.

The spatial arrangement of these areas form offset levels by underlayment connected ramps. The attractiveness of the existing component along the Arsenalstraße is increased by the additional  communication departments.

The cinema will remain in its entirety.  It is on the entrance hall opened up and is directly connected with the events area.  The proposed project will maintain the museum in its urban impact and historical importance. The new areas will be upgraded and open for a modern museum life.